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New Product

We engage with our customers to create new products that satisfies their individual/unique demands. We have expert staff who will collaborate with you to create what is unique for your company. 

The Development Process

Devising & Research 

Gain a thorough grasp of demands and desires of customer. On that basis we do market research & examine worldwide trends in order to determine the opportunities & obstacles that we need to be prepared for.



Think critically and plot down possible ideas using knowledge obtained by research & brainstorming to come up with best formula & solutions to cover every aspect of customer needs.


Customer Feedback

We present our ideas to customers to seek their critical feedback. Tracking down our way to meet customers goals & ensure customer satisfaction to best levels.


Formula Development & Specifications plotting

Once the customer approves our ideas, we start working on formula development & after discovering the master formula we seek customer approval on formula, and specification of product.


Testing & Validation

Before giving out our products to customer, we test them for all the specifications as per Health Canada guidelines as well as for customer requirement to ensure best quality products to our customer.


Production & Packaging/Labelling

We send first-off sample for customer feedbacks. We get final feedback and are open for any last minute corrections required for manufacturing & packaging/labelling.

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